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In a tragic accident in Miami last month, a motorcyclist lost his life when he was hit head-on by a motorist who was driving the wrong way on the highway. According to a report by CBS Miami, the accident occurred on Interstate 95 just north of the Dolphin Expressway on the evening of Saturday, July 19.

Evidently, a driver of a 2013 Acura was driving north in the southbound lanes of traffic on I-95. It appears the Acura first crashed head-on with the motorcycle, sending the biker through the windshield and into the back of the car.  After the initial collision, the driver of a Dodge Ram tried to swerve to avoid an accident with the Acura.  However, he was clipped by the front of the Acura and sustained significant damage to his vehicle.

The driver of the motorcycle was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the Dodge was also hurt, although only with minor injuries. Investigators have not completed the investigation and cannot therefore rule out the possibility that drugs or alcohol were involved in the fatal accident.

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A few weeks ago in Lake County, a 20-year-old man was killed when he was struck by a drunk driver. According to a report by a local news source, the accident occurred on eastbound State Road 46, just east of Wekiva River Road.

Evidently, the victim was standing in the eastern-most lane when the drunk driver struck him, sending the man into the median. He died on the scene. Apparently, the victim was on his way to Wekiva River to meet up with some friends.

The driver has been arrested and charged with misdemeanor DUI and failure to submit to a breathalyzer test. It is not clear whether the victim in this case was at fault in the accident. Continue reading ›

Earlier this month in St. Petersburg, a tragic accident took the lives of three women, all related and all single mothers with children at home. According to a report by the New York Daily News, the women were all in a car together, driving around 3 a.m. in a Saturn passenger vehicle when they were involved in an accident with a Chrysler. The woman who was driving the Saturn was the aunt of the two passengers.

The aunt was flown to a nearby hospital, where she was later pronounced dead after her family decided not to continue life support; her nieces were pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the Chrysler did not stop after causing the accident and fled the scene. Police immediately began an investigation into the accident, hoping to identify the hit-and-run driver. Recently, the police issued a warrant for the driver and are hoping to apprehend him shortly. Once arrested, the driver will face charges of vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death, and driving on a suspended license.

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In a tragic accident near Jacksonville last week, one man lost his life when he was rear-ended and pushed off of the Buckman Bridge. According to a report by the Florida Times-Union, a tractor-trailer jack-knifed on the southbound lanes of the bridge, causing traffic to back up quickly. In addition, the accident caused rubbernecking in the northbound lanes, as drivers slowed down to see what was going on. One northbound driver, perhaps not seeing the slowing traffic ahead of him, slammed into the back of a pick-up truck, pushing the truck over the edge of the bridge.

Witnesses say they saw a man in the water moments after the accident, but that he quickly submerged and was not seen again. A few hours later, emergency crews extricated the deceased driver from the waters of St. John’s River.

The driver of the car that rear-ended the truck, the article points out, had been cited for various violations six times in the past. He had taken a traffic safety course and paid several fines related to the citations. As of the time of publication, there have been no charges filed against the driver of the car, but an investigation is underway.

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A few weeks ago, a teen and a 56-year-old woman lost their lives in a three-vehicle accident in Flagler County, Florida. According to a report by Click Orlando, the accident occurred on Interstate 95 near mile marker 288 at approximately 5:30 in the afternoon.

Evidently, a 2001 Chevy Silverado was traveling northbound on I-95 when it began to veer off the shoulder of the road. In an attempt to correct the drifting and get back into his lane, the driver overcorrected and sent the vehicle into the barrier on the other side of the highway. The truck became airborne and ended up in the southbound lanes.

As the truck was airborne, it crashed into the roof of a car traveling in the inside lane of traffic and then with another pick-up truck. The 17-year-old passenger in the Chevy Silverado was thrown from the truck. He was taken to the hospital, where he died of his injuries. The driver of the car was also fatally injured in the tragic accident. The other drivers all suffered minor injuries but are expected to recover.

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Earlier this year, a 28-year-old woman was charged with DUI and child neglect after she crashed into a tree while her toddler was on her lap, unsecured by any seatbelt or safety device. To make matters worse, the woman’s blood alcohol content was three times the limit at the time of the accident.

According to a report by News 13, the accident occurred late on a Saturday at the intersection of Southwest 10th Street and Southwest 27th Avenue in Ocala. When police arrived on the scene, the woman was outside of the vehicle attempting to get her 6-year-old son out of the back of the car. A witness to the accident, a teenage boy, was holding the woman’s other child, a two-year-old autistic boy. The witness told police that the child was on the woman’s lap at the time of the accident.

Police also noticed that the woman was not stable on her feet and was making strange, inappropriate comments about how she had just washed her car. Upon testing the woman, the police determined that she was legally intoxicated.

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May 2014 – Marion County, Florida:   A Highway Patrol officer was killed in an accident on Interstate 75 near mile marker 341. According to a report by Click Orlando, the patrol officer was responding to an accident when she was on the side of the road speaking to the tow truck driver. At some point, another accident in the area occurred that resulted in both the tow truck driver and the Highway Patrol officer being killed.

A few days later, a third pedestrian who was injured in the second accident was pronounced dead after getting treatment in the Ocala Regional Medical Center for several days.

The Florida Highway Patrol is conducting an investigation into the accident to better determine what caused the fatal car accident that claimed the lives of three Floridians.

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Last year, a 20 year-old female who was out partying after work one day got behind the wheel of her car after drinking too much and ended up in an accident that killed two 21 year-old best friends. At the time of the car accident she had a blood alcohol level of .15, over five times the legal limit for someone who is not supposed to be drinking at all.

After the investigation of the accident, the self-proclaimed “pothead princess” was discovered to have sent out a tweet explaining that she was “2 drunk 2 care.” While the girl claimed that the tweet was a response to her boyfriend who was upset with her for staying out late drinking, others hypothesize that it was evidence of her lackadaisical attitude towards drinking and driving and the consequences that can come with it.

In a recent development to the story, the girl responsible for the accident now claims that she does not remember getting into the accident, but is sorry that it occurred. Continue reading ›

Last month in Jacksonville, a four-vehicle accident involving a school bus, tractor trailer, SUV, and a Volkswagen Beetle left two people dead and several injured. According to a report by the local NBC affiliate, the school bus was stopped on eastbound Dunn Avenue letting children off the bus. Behind the school bus were the SUV and the Volkswagen. Evidently, the tractor-trailer approached the stopped vehicles at a high rate of speed and did not break in time. The tractor trailer slammed into the two vehicles behind the school bus and then tipped over, eventually colliding with the school bus as well.

Both the driver and the passenger in the SUV suffered fatal injures from the accident and were pronounced dead at the scene. Of the thirteen students on the bus, four were injured and taken to the hospitals, as well as the drivers of the Volkswagen and the tractor trailer. All are expected to fully recover from their injuries.

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It should not come as a surprise, but litigants are not permitted to commit fraud against, or mislead, a court of law. However, in order for a case to get dismissed for fraud or misconduct, the party committing the alleged fraud must know that what they are submitting to the court is not true. In a recent case in front of one Florida court of appeals, the court had the occasion to describe when it is proper to dismiss a case based on fraud or misconduct. The bar may be higher than previously thought.

Casteel v. Maddalena: The Facts

In the recent case, Casteel v. Maddalena, the parties were disputing fault in a serious Florida accident involving a car and a motorcycle. Casteel, the motorcyclist, was hit by Maddalena as he was making a left turn across two lanes of traffic. The main issue in the case was where Casteel was in the intersection when he was struck by Maddalena’s vehicle. If he was clear of the intersection, it would indicate that Maddalena was at fault. However, if he was still in the intersection at the time of the collision, it would mean that he failed to yield the right of way to Maddalena, who was traveling straight ahead at the time of the accident. Continue reading ›