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Back in March of 2012, three people lost their lives when an SUV slammed into the back of the car they were riding in. The car was stopped at a red light. The driver of the SUV admitted at the time of the accident that he was high on “spice,” or synthetic marijuana. At a criminal trial, the driver of the SUV received a 22 year sentence for vehicular manslaughter.

Just a few weeks ago, according to an article by the, the families of the deceased initiated a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the SUV, the convenience stores that may have sold the driver the spice, and the manufacturer of the spice. The plaintiffs are alleging that, although the synthetic marijuana was legal at the time of the accident, the manufacturers and vendors should have known the effects of the drug.

Naming Parties in Florida Personal Injury Lawsuits

The plaintiffs in the above-mentioned case named two stores in their lawsuit – a Circle K and a local smoke shop. In fact, the plaintiff’s attorney mentioned publicly that the plaintiffs do not currently know which of the two stores sold the driver the spice. However, by naming both parties, the plaintiffs are making a strategic decision that may pay off down the road. Continue reading ›

Earlier this week in a Miami Shores nursing home, a fire broke out in one of the rooms, causing all of the home’s residents to be evacuated. According to a report by the local NBC affiliate, the fire started shortly after 5 a.m. and all 51 residents were evacuated. Some of the residents were seen laying in hospital beds across the street from the nursing home. Apparently, a mattress had somehow caught fire in one of the residents rooms. Luckily, fire personnel were able to quickly contain the fire; it never spread beyond that one room.

A nearby fire truck was on the way back from responding to a call and was able to show up in a matter of seconds. In all, just two residents were hospitalized for possible smoke inhalation. All residents were let back into the home later on in the day as investigators further investigated the cause of the fire.

Fires in Nursing Homes: A Frightening Thought

A fire can wreck havoc no matter where it starts. However, when nursing homes catch fire, the risks exponentially increase due to the fact that many nursing home residents are immobile and rely on the nursing home’s employees for mobility. In the case described above, the residents were very fortunate that the fire truck was nearby and was able to respond in a rapid manner. Continue reading ›

In a tragic accident earlier this week, a Florida woman hit seven people after attending a wedding at church, killing three. According to a story by the Tampa Bay Times, the elderly woman was attending a wedding that ended shortly after 11 a.m. After the wedding, she attempted to back her SUV out of a handicapped parking space and somehow lost control of the vehicle. As the vehicle continued traveling backwards, the SUV hit a total of seven people before jumping a curb, running over several small trees, and then ending up in a canal.

In the end, seven people were hit by the SUV and three died as a result of the injuries they sustained in the accident, one at the scene and two later in the day at the hospital.  Four others were taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but are expected to recover.

The cause of the accident is unknown, but the driver told reporters afterwards that it was an “accident.” Police do not believe that alcohol was involved in the fatal accident.

Serious Accidents May Be the Result of Negligence

In the case above, it seems pretty clear that the woman was not intending to harm anyone. However, her negligent operation of her vehicle ended in the deaths of three people. The fact that she did not mean to harm anyone does not make the losses that the families of the victims’ experienced any less real or painful.

In cases where a driver causes the death of another, the accident victim’s family may be able to recover monetary compensation for their loss. Such a suit is called a wrongful death action in Florida. Continue reading ›

Earlier this week, the famed pop star Justin Beiber was pulled over by police when he was caught drag racing down a residential street in Miami Beach. He was driving a yellow Lamborghini. According to a report by CBS News, once police pulled Beiber over he smelled of alcohol and was uncooperative. Beiber failed the field sobriety tests administered by the arresting officer and was booked for DUI, driving with an expired license, and resisting arrest. He later admitted to drinking, smoking marijuana, and taking prescription medication.

Beiber has since posted the $2,500 cash bail set by the judge and remains out of police custody. His attorney hopes that the case will proceed as any other case would.

Speed and Alcohol Are a Deadly Combination

In a way, Justin Beiber is incredibly lucky. The police clocked him traveling 60 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone. Combining the speed at which he was traveling with his compromised reflexes and reaction times due to the substances in his system, the situation could have been catastrophic. Instead he will likely get off with community service, fines, and court costs. Continue reading ›

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