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Late last month, a fatal accident tragically claimed the lives of one young couple and injured six other people. According to one local news source, the accident occurred around 4:40 in the afternoon in Lecanto, Florida, between W. Grover Cleveland Boulevard and C.R. 491.

Evidently, a Suzuki Aerio was traveling eastbound when for an unknown reason it crossed the center line and collided with a Toyota Prius. The Prius struck the passenger side of the Aerio, and both vehicles ended up on the north side of the road.

The driver of the Aerio and her passenger were both pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. There was another three-year-old passenger in the back seat who sustained major injuries but is currently listed in stable condition. The Prius had five occupants in total, all of whom were taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. One day after the accident, a 78-year-old passenger passed away from the injuries she sustained in the accident.

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Earlier this week in Cape Coral, Florida, one man was killed and another three injured when a pick-up truck slammed through the wall of a billiard hall. According to one local news source, the accident occurred when a pick-up truck drove through a parking space, over a small barrier, over the sidewalk, and through the wall of the billiard hall.

Evidently, the billiard hall was located on Pine Island Road. The deceased accident victim apparently worked at the billiard hall and had gotten off work and was shooting some pool with friends when suddenly a truck came crashing through the wall. The man was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency personnel. Three others were also injured in the accident. Thankfully, they all seem to have only sustained minor injuries and are expected to recover fully.

Police told reporters that they believe alcohol may have been a factor in the fatal accident, but police did not release the blood-alcohol content of the driver. At this point in the investigation, police have not arrested or charged the driver with any criminal offense. However, that may change as the police investigation concludes.

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Back on New Years Eve of last year, a young boy was struck by a hit-and-run driver and seriously injured as he was playing basketball with his friends. About three weeks after the incident, the driver involved in the hit-and-run was arrested and charged with causing personal injury, a second-degree felony. However, according to a recent news source, the woman was arraigned earlier this month and the charges have been upgraded to reflect the fact that she allegedly fled the scene.

Evidently, the woman now faces second-degree felony charges that could land her in prison for the next 15 years if she is convicted. The woman’s attorney disagreed with the change in charges and told reporters that he hopes to get statements made by his client to police suppressed at trial.

Florida Injury Cases and Suppressed Evidence

In order to prove a case against a defendant in a Florida court, the plaintiff must present evidence supporting their claims. All evidence must meet several hurdles in order to be admissible. The two primary hurdles that all evidence must clear are that the evidence must be relevant and that it must also be probative.

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Earlier this month in Tampa, Florida, a teenager who was allegedly involved in an accident fled the scene, and his car was later discovered in a residential swimming pool a few blocks away. According to one local news source, the original accident occurred at the intersection of North Ola Avenue and Country Club Drive.

Evidently, the original accident resulted in only minor injuries. However, after fleeing the scene, the teenager allegedly caused more than $30,000 in damage when he crashed through a fence and drove into a nearby swimming pool. Thankfully, the teen escaped with only minor injuries, and no one else was seriously hurt in either of the accidents.The teen waited outside the pool for police to arrive and was cooperative thereafter.

The teenage driver was cited by police for two counts of reckless driving and one count of fleeing the scene of an accident resulting in minor injuries.

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Earlier last month in Deerfield Beach, Florida, an accident between a pick-up truck and a car resulted in the death of one child and several other children being taken to the hospital with varying injuries. According to one local news source, the accident occurred at around four in the afternoon and took place near the intersection of W. Hillsboro Boulevard and Northwest 2nd Avenue.

Evidently, the passenger side of the car was totally crushed from being hit by the truck. There were four children in the truck:  an 11-year-old, two six-year-olds, and a four-year-old. All children were taken to Broward County Health and admitted as trauma alerts. A short time after admission, one of the six-year-old girls passed away due to the injuries she sustained in the accident. The three other children are expected to make a full recovery with time.

The children’s mother was also involved in the accident, as the driver of the car. She also suffered minor injuries, but according to reports she was more concerned with the wellbeing of her children. She is expected to make a full recovery.

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Earlier this month in Jacksonville, a 21-year-old man was driving with two passengers when his vehicle was struck by an AMTRAK train when he attempted to cross a set of railroad tracks while the gate-arms were down. According to one local news source, the accident occurred at around 11 in the morning in the Riverside area of Jacksonville.

Evidently, the young man attempted to cross the tracks while the railroad gate arms were down, but he misjudged the amount of time he would have to cross the tracks. As a result, the train clipped the car as it was crossing the tracks, cutting it in two.

The driver suffered only minor injuries, and the front-seat passenger suffered road-rash and other minor injuries. Both men were released from the hospital the same day. The rear-seat passenger was ejected from the split-in-half vehicle and was taken to the hospital with a cracked vertebrae. She is currently listed in fair condition and is expected to make a full recovery.

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Earlier this month, a Japanese airbag manufacturer, Takata, announced the largest recall of automotive parts in U.S. history, with estimates of the number of affected US vehicles in the 34-million range. According to a national CNN news report, the airbags were recalled because they have been shown to send shrapnel into the faces of front-seat occupants upon deploying.

According to the report, there have been approximately six deaths worldwide that have been tied to the faulty airbags, mostly occurring in older-model vehicles. The fact that many of the recalled vehicles are older make the situation different from many other recent recalls, which generally involve newer vehicles.

The Total Number of Recalled Vehicles

The exact number of vehicles that are subject to the recall is unknown. Even more uncertain is how many of the recalled vehicles will actually get brought in to the dealer for the necessary repairs. Experts claim that because the recall affects so many older models owners may be hard to track down, given that the vehicles may have changed hands numerous times.

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Earlier last year, a drunk driver killed two 21-year-old best friends in a head-on collision on the Sawgrass Expressway. Back at the time of the accident, the tragic story made national news because the driver had tweeted “2 drunk 2 care” just moments before she collided head-on with the girls’ car.

According to one national news report, the woman recently plead guilty to two counts of DUI manslaughter and was sentenced to 24 years in prison by a Florida judge. At the conclusion of her sentence, she will be on probation for another six years and will never be allowed to drive again.

Evidence showed that at the time of the accident the drunk driver had consumed two “fish-bowl sized” cocktails at a restaurant with friends. She then got into her car and tweeted “2 drunk 2 care” before getting on the highway and causing the fatal accident. When asked about the tweet, the woman explained that it was not in reference to her drunk driving, but was referring to a fight she was having with her boyfriend at the time.

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Earlier this month in Dade City, a tragic accident took the life of a 17-year-old high-school student after she was in a vehicle that collided head-on with another oncoming vehicle. According a report by the Tampa Bay Times, the accident occurred on Smith Road around 11:30 in the morning.

Reports state the high-school student was in the car with her boyfriend, who was driving at the time. The two were running errands when her boyfriend swerved out of his lane to avoid an oncoming car. As he did so, he lost control of his own vehicle, which then left the roadway and eventually crashed into several nearby trees before coming to a rest.

Both of the teenagers were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the accident. However, the young girl sustained serious injuries in the accident that resulted in too much pressure being applied to her brain. She was flown to St. Joseph’s Hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery. However, she sadly passed away from her injuries a short time later. Her boyfriend was taken to the hospital with a broken arm and is expected to fully recover.

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Earlier this month in a tragic accident out of Walt Disney World, one man was killed when the sports car he was a passenger in lost control and crashed.  According to one local news source, the man, a 36-year-old from Davenport, was a passenger in a Lamborghini in the “Richard Petty Driving Experience” attraction at Disney World.

Reports state the man was the Operations Manager of the attraction and was riding with a 24-year-old driver when the vehicle left the track and crashed into a nearby guardrail.  The passenger was pronounced dead at the scene, while the driver of the vehicle was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for his injuries.

The course is operated by Petty Holdings, a company owned in part by famous NASCAR personality Richard Petty. The company has several other racing outfits across the country, including tracks in Atlanta, Daytona Beach, Charlotte, New Jersey, Kansas, New Hampshire, and Texas. Depending on the package selected by the guest, they can either ride as a passenger or drive an exotic car around a race-track.

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