Fatal Marion County Accident Claims a Third Life

May 2014 – Marion County, Florida:   A Highway Patrol officer was killed in an accident on Interstate 75 near mile marker 341. According to a report by Click Orlando, the patrol officer was responding to an accident when she was on the side of the road speaking to the tow truck driver. At some point, another accident in the area occurred that resulted in both the tow truck driver and the Highway Patrol officer being killed.

A few days later, a third pedestrian who was injured in the second accident was pronounced dead after getting treatment in the Ocala Regional Medical Center for several days.

The Florida Highway Patrol is conducting an investigation into the accident to better determine what caused the fatal car accident that claimed the lives of three Floridians.

Pedestrian Accidents on the Side of the Highway

In Florida there are thousands of miles of highways that wind up, down, and through the state. With so much highway, there are many times a day where a driver’s car breaks down, and the driver needs to figure out how to either fix the car or get it off the highway.

Many times, people enlist the services of a tow truck company to help them get a car off a busy highway.  When professional tow truck drivers respond to a disabled vehicle, they are generally very careful to remain safe and out of the way of oncoming vehicles. However, there are some cases when, no matter how careful a tow truck driver is, another vehicle strikes the driver.

These types of accidents are not limited to tow truck drivers, however. Many times, while drivers are working on their own cars, or are waiting for a tow truck driver to arrive, another passing vehicle strikes a disabled motorist.

Determining Fault in Disabled Motorist Accidents

In Florida it is not always easy to determine who is at fault for an accident involving a disabled motorist.  The key of the inquiry is: which party was negligent? If the disabled motorist has pulled the vehicle off the side of the road, out of the way of traffic, and a passing vehicle drifts out of its lane and into the disabled vehicle, it is very possible that the passing vehicle is at fault for the accident.

Have You Been Injured While on the Side of the Highway?

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