Florida Basketball Coach Involved in Serious Head-On Collision

Earlier this month, a Northwest Florida State basketball coach was involved in a serious accident on State Road 85. According to a local news report, the basketball coach was driving in a Ford Fusion with his wife when another driver, driving a Nissan, rammed into their car head-on. Apparently, the other driver crossed three lanes and into the center median, eventually hitting the basketball coach head-on in a fiery crash.Unfortunately, the accident was so severe that the victim and the other driver were unable to be taken out of their respective vehicles easily, and rather had to be cut out by emergency personnel. The coach was taken to a local hospital, his wife was driven to another hospital, and the other driver was flown to Sacred Heart Hospital.

The current reports do not indicate that alcohol was a contributing factor in the crash, but the Florida Highway Patrol is still investigating what caused the other driver to dangerously begin driving in the wrong lanes.

Deadlines in Filing Personal Injury Suit in Florida

Florida law allows a certain amount of a time an individual has to bring a personal injury lawsuit. This is called the “statute of limitations.” In Florida, if an individual is involved in an automobile accident, he or she has four years from that date to bring a lawsuit. Legally, if you do not bring the suit in that time, the courts do not have to hear the case.

In some situations, an individual may have been injured as a result of an accident but may not realize the injury or the extent of the damages until some time later. In these circumstances, the statute of limitations may be extended. However, it is important to discuss your specific situation with an attorney to determine whether you fall into this category.

What Can I Recover For?

In Florida, the law explains that an individual may only be able to recover up to a certain amount of money for his or her injuries. A person may be able to recover for the actual damages he or she suffered, such as broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and other physical injuries. However, individuals may also recover for “pain and suffering.” There is generally a cap on the amount of money a person may recover for non-economic damages like these. Furthermore, in a limited amount of cases individuals may recover for punitive damages. This type of compensation is usually imposed to punish the wrongdoer for acting in an especially egregious or exceptionally dangerous manner.

Contact an Experienced Attorney Today

Have you or a loved one been involved in a head-on collision? You may be entitled to monetary damage based on the circumstances of your injuries. These damages include compensatory damages for your pain and suffering, past medical bills, and future medical expenses. These types of cases can involve many different parties, and it is crucial to abide by the strict deadlines imposed by the courts. It is beneficial to hire an attorney to better your chances of success. Please contact our office at 352-387-8700 to set up an initial free consultation with one of our dedicated attorneys.

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