The Role Social Media Can Play in a Florida Personal Injury Case

Last year in November, two best friends were killed when a young woman drove down a one-way street the wrong direction, colliding with the friends’ car head on. Shortly after the accident, it surfaced that the driver of the car traveling the wrong way had allegedly tweeted “2 drunk 2 care” just a few hours beforehand.

This prompted a deeper investigation into the driver’s character. Upon looking into her online presence on social media sites, the result was shocking. The young woman admitted to being a “pot head princess” repeatedly on various social media sites. Time and time again, she brazenly displayed her party lifestyle to all who would listen.

According to a recent article by the New York Daily News, the toxicology reports came back indicating that the young woman was indeed intoxicated. As a minor, she was permitted to have a blood-alcohol content of no more than .02. However, her results came back showing a blood-alcohol content of .15. In addition, she tested positive for marijuana use. While police have not yet charged the young woman with a crime, the accident is still under investigation.

Social Media in the Legal System

The use of social media sites over the past few years has exploded. Ever since the prevalence of these sites like Facebook and Twitter became commonplace among the global population, the question has been whether the information posted on these sites will be admissible in trials against the posters. The answer is almost universally “yes” in United States jurisdictions

In Florida courts, if someone posts something on an online social media site, they forfeit any expectation of privacy in that statement and it can therefore be used against them in either a criminal or a civil proceeding. The bottom line is: be careful what you say and share online.

The effect of this can be easily seen: what jury would not be swayed by learning about the existence of the “2 drunk 2 care” tweet shortly before the driver killed two innocent victims? In many cases, such as a suit for civil damages based on the negligence of another driver, the crucial determination may be what the defendant’s mindset was. Evidence of a defendant’s social media postings may give the jury a glimpse into the defendant’s mind.

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