Helicopter Crashes into Orlando Home Last Weekend, Killing the Pilot and Two Passengers

Three people were killed last week when a Robinson R44 helicopter crashed into a guest house just north of downtown Orlando, starting a fire and partially destroying the guest house.

What Causes a Helicopter Crash?

Local authorities and the Federal Aviation Administration are still investigating the cause of the crash, and it is difficult to speculate what may have happened from the limited witnesses and information available, but it is known that the helicopter took off from the Orlando Executive Airport about two miles from the crash site and crashed shortly after take off. Under such circumstances, it appears that the crash was caused by either pilot error (including a potential medical emergency) or equipment failure. These same two problems are also the largest contributing factors to roadway accidents and the injuries and deaths they may cause.

“Pilot Error” on the Roads

When a driver causes a Florida car accident by making a mistake, driving recklessly (or while intoxicated), or having a medical emergency, it is not usually called “driver error” but is essentially the same thing as “pilot error” in an aircraft crash. Florida drivers have the legal obligation to operate their vehicles safely, and can be held responsible when their mental state is the cause of an accident. In addition to potential criminal charges such as DUI or vehicular assault, the driver can face civil responsibility to the victims of an accident for the damages that were caused. If a victim or surviving loved one files a Florida personal injury lawsuit and can demonstrate that a driver was negligent or reckless in causing the accident and resulting injuries, the victim can receive compensation for their loss.

“Equipment Failure” on the Roads

Accidents on the roadway are sometimes caused by an equipment malfunction which causes the driver to lose control of the vehicle or leads to a crash in some other way. Some equipment failures are the result of improper maintenance of the vehicle that can be attributed to the owner or operator of the vehicle, while some malfunctions are the result of a manufacturing or service defect. If the owner of a vehicle fails to maintain their vehicle in safe working condition and causes an accident, they can be held accountable through a Florida accident lawsuit. If a manufacturing defect or improper service results in an accident, the manufacturer of the vehicle or the dealer could potentially be sued.

Have You Been in an Accident?

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident – whether as pedestrian, in a vehicle or in an aircraft – you may be entitled to compensation for the loss suffered. The Ocala, Florida personal injury attorneys at the Dean Law Firm are the Florida accident lawyers that you can trust. Our attorneys are experienced and dedicated, and we work hard to get our clients the compensation that they deserve after their accident. The Dean Law Firm represents clients in Florida wrongful death and personal injury actions, including auto accidents and helicopter crashes. Call today to schedule a free consultation at (352) 387-8700 or enter your contact information in our web form.

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