Miami Bicyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run Accident

Earlier this week, a Miami man was struck and killed while he was riding his bike along Bird Road. According to one local Florida news report, the man’s body was discovered 30 seconds to one minute after the fatal accident. The discovering officer passed the scene of the accident, thought he saw a body, and turned around. However, by the time he arrived on the scene, it was too late.

At first, the officer was unsure how the man died, since there was no bike nearby, he had only one shoe on, and he had a backpack on him. The victim did not have identification on him at the time, but he was estimated to be in his late 30s.

However, not long after the investigation was begun, police found a bicycle and a shoe that matched the victim’s a few blocks away from the accident. Police then found a groove in the pavement near the man’s body, indicating to them that the man’s death was the result of an accident between a bicyclist and a car. Police believe that the bicycle got caught in the grill or underside of the car after the accident and that the driver stopped after a few seconds and had to pull out the bike.

Police also noted that the bicycle did not have the proper safety lights.

Bicycle Accidents in Florida

With warm temperatures for most of the year, bicycle traffic is a common form of travel in Florida almost year-round. However, with the convenience and economy of cycling comes the added danger of getting involved in a serious or fatal bicycle accident.

There are numerous causes of bicycle accidents, but most come down to distracted driving, drunk driving, or driver error. In some cases, bicyclist error is also partially responsible, although it is rarely the case that the bicyclist is found to be completely at fault for causing the accident.

When a driver does cause a bicycle accident, the law requires that they stay and render assistance if needed. Even if there are no apparent injuries, the driver should stay on the scene and exchange information with the other parties involved. Failure to do so may result in criminal charges as well as give rise to an inference of liability in a civil case.

Have You Been Involved in a Florida Bike Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been the victim of an accident between a bicycle and another automobile, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Before filing your case, however, it is beneficial to speak with a dedicated Florida personal injury attorney so you can get an idea of what to expect moving forward. In some cases we’ve seen, unprepared accident victims have lost their right to recover because they were ill-prepared for what lay ahead. Contact the Dean Law Firm at 352-387-8700 to set up a free initial consultation with a dedicated attorney who will take time to explain your rights to you.

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