Scooter Accident Lands Gator Outfielder on Indefinite Suspension

In February, a sophomore outfielder for the Florida Gators was involved in a scooter accident in Gainesville. According to a report by the Independent Florida Alligator, the sophomore was riding his scooter southbound on Southwest 10th Street when he struck a curb and then collided with a parked truck at about 1:25 a.m.

When police arrived on the scene, they found the driver laying on the ground, breathing but unresponsive. According to the responding officers, there was a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. He was then taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police are investigating whether alcohol was involved in the accident, and are waiting to press charges until they get back the results from the toxicology reports. However, the sophomore player has been indefinitely suspended from the Gators for his involvement in the accident.

Drinking and Driving Don’t Mix

If you have been paying attention to the Florida news lately, you will have noticed the rash of drunk driving accidents. While the accident described above only resulted in minor injuries, not every accident victim is that fortunate. In fact, in Florida alone there were 716 drunk-riving related deaths in 2011. This number represents nearly 30% of all the traffic related fatalities.

Minors Who Drink and Drive

The sophomore who was indefinitely suspended for his role in the accident was a minor. In Florida, there is a “zero tolerance” law in effect for minors and alcohol. In other words, minors are not legally allowed to have any alcohol on their breath. However, that doesn’t stop Florida minors from drinking and driving. In fact, there were 79 alcohol related traffic deaths in 2011 due to intoxicated minors.

Whether the drunk driver is an adult or a minor, the bottom line is the same: by drinking and driving a person knowingly puts others around them at risk. This is why, under Florida law, a drunk-driving accident victim is able to recover damages from the drunk driver. In the case of a fatal drunk driving accident, the victim’s family then has the right to recover damages.

Have You Been Involved in a Florida Drunk Driving Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been the victim of a drunk driving accident, you may be able to recover monetary damages to compensate you for your injuries, including medical bills, future medical expenses, as well as for any pain and suffering caused by the accident. Generally speaking, an accident victim must prove that the driver was negligent in order to recover from them. This is also the case in drunk-driving accidents. However, in these kinds of accidents the accident victim has an easier job because of the known dangers of drinking and driving. To find out more about how Florida law allows for accident victims to recover for their injuries, and to speak with an experienced Florida personal injury attorney about the facts of your case, contact the Dean Law Firm today. The skilled lawyers at the Dean Law Firm have the experience and dedication you need to effectively bring your Florida drunk-driving case. Click here to contact the firm online, or call 352-387-8700 today.

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