Pick-Up Truck Crashes into Cape Coral Pool Hall, Killing One and Injuring Three Others

Earlier this week in Cape Coral, Florida, one man was killed and another three injured when a pick-up truck slammed through the wall of a billiard hall. According to one local news source, the accident occurred when a pick-up truck drove through a parking space, over a small barrier, over the sidewalk, and through the wall of the billiard hall.

Evidently, the billiard hall was located on Pine Island Road. The deceased accident victim apparently worked at the billiard hall and had gotten off work and was shooting some pool with friends when suddenly a truck came crashing through the wall. The man was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency personnel. Three others were also injured in the accident. Thankfully, they all seem to have only sustained minor injuries and are expected to recover fully.

Police told reporters that they believe alcohol may have been a factor in the fatal accident, but police did not release the blood-alcohol content of the driver. At this point in the investigation, police have not arrested or charged the driver with any criminal offense. However, that may change as the police investigation concludes.

DUI Accidents in Florida

While the toxicology reports may not yet be back from the lab, something about the case discussed above tipped police off that alcohol may have been a factor. In fact, in over 650 people lose their lives each year in drunk driving accidents. In each of these cases, had the drunk driver not gotten behind the wheel, the accident victim would likely still be alive today.

In Florida, the blood-alcohol limit is .08. For most people, three drinks in two hours will put them at risk of being over the legal limit to drive. For people with smaller frames, as little as two drinks may put someone over the limit. However, it is important to keep in mind that a driver can still be liable to an accident victim for financial damages even if they are determined to be under the legal blood-alcohol limit. This can be done by proving that the driver was otherwise negligent or by proving that they were under the influence of alcohol, notwithstanding the fact that their blood-alcohol content was below the legal threshold. To learn more, contact a dedicated Florida DUI accident attorney.

Have You Been Injured in a Florida DUI Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a serious Florida DUI accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Keep in mind that these cases, although they seem simple, can quickly become complex once insurance companies get involved. Therefore, it is recommended that any accident victim considering bringing a case for damages speak with a dedicated attorney prior to doing so. Call 352-387-8700 to set up a consultation with a dedicated personal injury attorney at the Dean Firm today. The skilled advocates at the Dean Firm have years of experience bringing all kinds of Florida personal injury cases and know what it takes to be successful in Florida courts.

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